Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boston FIG Recap

Well pretty late a far between when it comes to updates. But better late than never. We came to Boston FIG with a whole new combat demo. Previously we had Yaroslav with sword and Vasilisa with dual daggers as their only weapon choices and you fought in the very first combat section of the story. At Boston FIG we came with all 8 weapon types to try in our new and challenging arena.

While many players said the intro combat was too easy last year (we were of course showing off the very first combat section) with our arena we brought something much more challenging, so challenging in fact that out of hundreds of players that tried to just complete the arena without being defeated was few and far between. Only about 10 players completed the demo. 

But there was a prize to be won. The player who completed the arena in the fastest time walked away with a latex Noble great sword by Epic Armory, That went to Chris P. with the fastest time of 2:01 while using the rapier. 

But talking about our time at Boston FIG wouldn't be complete without mentioning one particular player. Dressed as Kirito from Sword Art Online, This 11 year old young lady desperately played our demo well over 50 times to try and win our sword, and got a very impressive second place at 2:10. We didn't let her leave empty handed. She still received 1 free week of sword fighting classes for her and a friend at Guard Up! in Burlington, MA (which is also where we purchased the sword.) She played until Boston FIG closed the convention and forced her off (we would have let her keep playing)

We did a few Live Feeds through our Facebook page while at Boston FIG. Check them out hereIf you want to see more images from Boston FIG and find out where we are showing up next you can check our our festivals page here.

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