Sunday, November 12, 2017

A 2017 Update

Hello everyone, it has been a little over a year since Alexander's heart first started having trouble. Earlier this year he underwent a heart procedure to correct the issue, but it seems that the procedure only partially worked and may need to go through it again in the future. Unfortunately I lost my job, (which provided our health insurance) so until I find a new insurance providing job, a second procedure will have to wait.

As a fun side note, we now know that Alexander doesn't understand English while he is under anesthesia and only responds to Russian. I had a feeling it would happen and I warned the anesthesiologist beforehand. My crappy Russian pronunciation skills and Google translate for the win.

In the meantime Alexander has been working at his contract job, but this means that game development is still on hold. This is not a project that will be forgotten. Our world developer Chris has eagerly been building new dungeons in the background.

It is a shame that the hiatus has lasted this long but as John Lennon said: Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.