Friday, December 16, 2016


We had an amazing 3 days at Gameacon, in Atlantic City we met a lot of new players who loved the combat mechanics and enjoyed our new combat demo. 

We also made some new friends. Alexander (Alex) and Alexander (Alek) from Schism Worldwide with our own Alexander (Sasha) prove just how many Slavs there are in gaming (and just how common the name Alexander is in those former Soviet countries.)

Like in Boston, we also ran our Legacy of Svarog Arena, at one point we had the top 3 scores battling head to head to get another one of our latex swords from Epic Armoury. We took a few pictures while we were there that you can check out on our Facebook page. I will say though these guys at Gameacon blew away the high scores we got in Boston, maybe it was because Gameacon also hosted a Smash Bros Competition so it brought out a particular type of gamer.

In the end, a latecomer named Mason finished the Legacy of Svarog Arena in the fastest time with 1:25. Mason took home a noble sword by. Vasilisa's daggers were the clear speed winner this round. 

Mason came and not only beat our all time fastest score but also the all time high score over at Schism Worldwide and their game Red Barton and the Sky Pirates.

But probably the most exciting part of the weekend for us was being nominated for not one, not two, but THREE Gameacon awards! Including a Game of the Year nomination.