Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dev Diary #5 Quick and Dirty Gameplay video and updated character outfits.

Hey guys, this is Coralee. I created a quick 3 minute gameplay video for our IndieMega Booth submission to Pax East (hope they pick us!). It is a quick explainer video as trailers or fancy fluffy stuff wasn't allowed in the submission. I also figured out what was going on in our last video and why everything wasn't looking as nice as it should have in the end. It was being recorded at 320 px, the default for the new program we were using (Action!) This new one was recorded at 1020px so it is much clearer and doesn't look so pixelated. Chalk it up to using a new program. I edit our videos in Adobe Premier.

Alexander has been working on updating the character model's outfits, you can see his work in progress above in the video. I'll be editing their textures before release. Yaroslav is the only character whose textures are complete. He plans on working on the castle upgrading system next. It will be where you can upgrade your castle walls from wood to stone for example and pay for town services to open up like a dock and smithy. The castle you see in our trailer is the final iteration, when you arrive, you will have very little in ways of a castle for Kazakrom. 

This is Kazkrom's end result minus the services.

He will also be doing the halberd animations soon. It is what almost everyone in the demo wants to pick when we are at shows. Go big or go home.

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